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    Come to Israel !
    Tel Aviv, Israel, from New York City, $685 (Roundtrip w/Tax)
    Best dates to travel Jan. 17 - March 10.


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    Masada ========Dead Sea Scrolls
    Masada ~ Snake Path =========================== The Shrine of the Book ~ Dead Sea Scrolls

    Marzipan Bakery
    The first place many return tourists to Jerusalem stop for a bite is Marzipan Bakery,
    whose gooey chocolate rugelach are famous far and wide.

    --- Mini Israel - Photo by Steve Singer
    Mini Israel

    Dead Sea - Photo by Steve Singer
    Dead Sea
    Floating in the Dead Sea

    Soreq Cave - Photo by Steve Singer

    Nature Reserve

    Driving off roadr
    ATV - Driving off road

    Chagall Windows
    Chagall Windows
    Hadassah Medical Center

    Off Road Jeep Touring
    Off Road Jeep Tour

    Definitely one of the more exciting
    things to do while visiting Israel.

    Winter Snow in Israel
    No coats needed !

    Like to hike?
    En Gedi Nature Reserve and National Park
    Ein Gedi´s for you

    The beauty and history of this Judean Desert
    oasis has been drawing hikers and tourists for centuries.
    Ein Gedi: Biblical Charm, Modern Amenities

    King Hezekiah's Water Tunnel ~ City of David
    Water Tunnels

    Slosh through the WATER TUNNEL
    hewn to save Jerusalem, dug some 2,700 years ago

    Lets ride the camel
    Let's Ride Camels

    Israeli Sunset ©2008 Steve Singer ======== Getting Dirty ©2008 Steve Singer
    Kibbutz Ein Gedi ~ Sunset ===============================Dig for a Day ~ Interesting Finds Underground

    Sifting Project

    Temple Mount Sifting Project

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